Friday, May 9, 2008

wren clothing



Wren clothing was recently featured at the GenArt's fashion show in Los Angeles. The soft, yet edgy looks are a great inspiration for what's coming this Spring. Wren's range of pieces this coming fall resounds with quiet, parlor-suited elegance that strikes notes of whimsy with ease and poise. Named after Dickens' Jenny Wren, a crippled doll dress marker with a pure heart, Melissa Coker (founder) says the line is " prone to a bit of subtle, old world romanticism, and the name befits the feeling." Hand-dyed embellished T-shirts, silk dresses, and vintage-inspired necklaces create a low-key sophistication that Coker views as practical for "girls on the move." Although the line is still relatively un-discovered and hard to come by, it is currently available at Opening Ceremony in both New York and Los Angeles.

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