Tuesday, March 31, 2009


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Miss Lovely Gets Married

As some of you may know i am getting married in T minus like 6 months... I started a wedding blog to help me not only collect my thoughts and stay sane so i would not become a bridezilla but also because i was not much of a tiara wearing princess. So the whole thought of a wedding totally terrified me except for the dancin and boozin part! HA i love parties!! But needless to say my wedding blog has a huge spot in my heart now as one of my favorite things to do in the day!
Because of that i am totally honored that it was written about on Adrienne's wedding blog!
Thank you to Gina and her awesome talent for not only making me dig white dresses, but also making a gal look pretty dam hot for her wedding day!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Beauty Buzz

Ok one fact about my sweet little life: I am now writing beauty trend reports for our UK department stores. And on that note i would have to say i am kinda a beauty whore, not only did i go buck wild in Macy's for Jemma Kids new line Make-Up School but i also flipped out over some really crazy lip gloss from Lipstick Queen, and who would have thought i would be into dry shampoo? Basically shampoo in a can so i don't have to get my hair wet every day. WOW have i come along way from the tomboy skater betty i used to be in high school.

out west

were the sun sees the last of the earth, my birth place and the sunsets flicker with the prettiest hue of watercolors a child's eyes can imagine. Photo via Jason Wyche.
Jason is an awesome photographer and a great beer maker!

Homemade Beer + Weekends = Goodtimes


my good pal mika and her husband have been busy little bees making some fine beers.
i kinda want to get into making beer, hell my mom makes wine!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

sexy man

only one of the sexiest men alive in my opinion! He also looks so fab in color!

Friday, March 27, 2009

I Am The Heat: @ Trash

tonight @ TRash Bar in brooklyn with free tater tots.. these boys are re-donk-ulous!

Richcard Ruiz Sample Sale

hey has some really amazing stuff that is going for wicked cheap!!


tonight in brooklyn, with the hulahoop harlet

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


i did however just score these suckers from eBay. it was blood sweat and tears to win. especially since i have lost a few times before finding these suckers. Rare Vintage Bausch & Lomb in black/bronze/white mother of pearl original wayfarers.
well over 20 years old.

Daughters of dawn


vintage clothing on ebay is killing me right now! for some reason my money is just running a whole in my pocket for outfits like these .

gals, pals and vacations

it is officially spring but the weather is telling us that we must still slave for a bit, how i want to bust out all my awesome spring dresses and take a quick trip to Paris!

In the morning

i am pretty sure if i lived in a house like this my life would have gone full circle. why because sunlight and windows are my best friends. I used to think i would dig gray days cause i was absorbing to much sun in the valley. So i moved to the concrete jungle and these days waking up to natural sunlight instead of an annoying alarm would be kind of a blessing!
julius shulman, photography, architecture


i hear that hula hooping really keeps a lady in shape!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

In love with LILO

photos by hedi slimane

Monday, March 23, 2009

Fast Fashion

how amazing is this jacket, i kinda forgot where i found these photos but i love it!

decadent days

with teen vogue. there is my band jacket again.

sophia and LV

Sophia Coppola is helping out this the new LV bags! how awesome, i kinda love her!

my weekend

sorry about not posting for a few days but i was in the middle of shooting a video with my favorite band I Am The Heat for their new song Ghost Bear. It was a total riot and when the video is finished you must check it out! More behind the scenes pictures here. Some of my favorite ladies helped me out with the shoot. Thanks to Is Mental and Anonymous Agent!

Thursday, March 19, 2009


for the band nerd in all of us.
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