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i know this has passed but i really like the art work happening here...


only a week left

remember to get out there and vote.. it is technically after all your job and something
every person should take seriously. this is a right that people all over the world fight for to express themselves so don't waste this.. besides all of our futures depend on how much we care to change what we want!

Siouxsie and the banshees

siouxsie sue and johnny rotton

Went to a goth party last night... and as my inspiration i was looking at pictures of siouxsie sue.
I totally forgot how damn amazing she is .. so i thought i would share a few photos with you.
Oh and the goth party was awesome thanks to karl & kevin.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Animal Hands

Say friends,
Tim Farrell here. Just a little "hi-ya" in your inbox to tell you that my band, Animal Hands, is playing a big show for the CMJ music festival this friday night at Union Hall in Park Slope, Brooklyn. We are the first group to go on out of four, so I am told we will be on around 9:30 or 10pm. If you are out and about, stop by why-don-cha? We are five fun, friendly, fanscinating fops who put on a nice little rock show.

Hope to see you there!
Timothy Stephen Stephen Farrell

a huge thank you to missy johnson for showing me this one!! you are truly the best!

camper van beethoven

this band was/ is still one of my favorites.. i don't know if you have a song that when you hear it it makes you think about being goofy and in the 7Th grade but this song : pictures of matchstick men does it for me!!

photo of the day

photo of the day by: dominic gallegos in portland, oregon


Date: Friday, October 24th - 25th
Time: 10:00pm - 3:00am
Location: Antics Warehouse (50 N 3rd St, W'burg)
Cost: Free with RSVP

JellyNYC and Toyota Matrix present two nights in Williamsburg at the pop-up Antics Warehouse as their contribution to the CMJ madness. Friday features The Black Lips and Japanese Motors (plus special guests) while Saturday brings The Teenagers and DJ Mike Relm. I think that makes like the 15th time the Teenagers play at CMJ. 21+

Kristina Kozak's shoes

kristina Kozak was introduced to me by one of my pals and i can't get over her amazing shoes..
she blows me away with these sweet & sexy designs. hailing from boston she is attacking that city with her shoes and hopefully soon new york. i love all the handcrafted details.

lovely magazine

lovely is an online women's fashion and beauty magazine. "we strive to bring you relevant, interesting and useful content. we are excited about being in an online format, and truly believe it is the future for editorial publications".
new issues are launched each month and instantly available online. every things is archived in an online library. hooray!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Ellen Stagg on IFC

Ellen Stagg is one of the most talented photographers I've had the pleasure of knowing.
Not only is she an awesome photographer but she is my cousin so i am doubly proud of her.
IFC has starred her in a new series about the line between art - fashion & erotica..
A new episode airs every Monday night! Check out her The Stagg Party fashion photos here:

chanel mobile art in central park

read more here at the wall street journal blog and for more information visit here..

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

greeting cards

cashmere leg warmers

oh boy do i need these

caroline Hwang

so awesome..


from A5 magazine.. the portraits issue