Monday, September 29, 2008

Spring Collection by LORICK

check out her fall collection here

Emmanuel Polanco

Designers Remix Collection

i am super in love with this brand .. check out the yoga pants and accessories @ hunt yo
sold exclusively at plum & pear

black sheep and prodigal sons

these are really amazing..

fendi spring 2009

Quail: A term used in 1960’s hipster slang to describe a woman or girl. Quail takes pride in creating affordable, wearable classics with modern, unexpected twists and is intimately engaged with every aspect of the designing process.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Paul Newman

Paul Newman famous for his movie career that lasted over 50 years dies on Friday at 83.
I met him once when i was 12. My parents took my brother and I to the Nascar races one year and we got to chill out down by the pit. He was sitting there reading a paper and watching the race. I remember thinking as i was introduced to him that he was a great guy. Of course probably the first movie i remember with him is the Color of Money with Tom Cruise. Dam that was a good movie. MY dog also is completely in love with his organic peanut butter dog treats..
I know that's not a total cause to like someone but i just always thought he was a cool dude fighting for rights he believed in and being very skilled in his trade.

Friday, September 26, 2008

TONIGHT with the Hula Hoop Harlet and rockabilly music

this is where i am gonna be tonight

elizabeth and james

what is there not to love about MK and Ashley Olsen.. i mean i watched full house.. but i have always loved these two ladies style and i will admit that it was a secret of mine for a while until they moved into the building where my old boss lived and i almost died!!
so the secret is out and so is apparently the secret that these two ladies know whats up about designing some awesome garments.