Thursday, July 31, 2008

hula girl

After Parties and such

my pals brother made this cute little flier.. how awesome is he!! if your in the Brooklyn area i would suggest you come, i heard a roomer that unicorns live there as well a baby trolls named antown!

LinkI Am The Friction is a book of illustration and very short fiction, written and drawn in the absence of better judgement and a copy editor. It has two covers and reads from both directions: One half of the book is composed of stories inspired by illustrations, while the other contains illustrations inspired by stories. It's really quite nice. You can find it here.

Over & Over

this is on my wish-list!!

just because you can

doesn't always mean you should but this is so irresistible why not!
a pig flashlight!!


ha ha , this one goes out to my brother. it's his birthday today and i can not count the many times he has pulled the dutch-oven trick in the car on me.. happy birthday bro

for the fall

i am a sucker for high socks

some tee's i want

the classic pee wee herman shirt

i have one so i think i need this also

bowie anyone

metronomy hooray

I saw this band last year at the south street seaport free show with Au Revoir Simone, and although i went there to see Au Revoir i was more impressed with Metronomy.
They quickly became my new favorite band for that summer.
you should check out this the video below it is one of my favorites!!

Anthropologie finds

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

So I FINALLY went to the Folk Art Museum to see the Dargerism show.

AMAZING. If you can, go! I've never been to the Folk Art Museum before and I thought it was fantastic. Not just the Dargerism show inspired me, the whole damn place was filled with amazing art.

Etsy find

These hammered brass rings / earrings are painted with layers of colorful patinas. You will notice that the finished patina does not result in a solid bright color, but rather a soft watercolor-like finish. As the patina reacts with the metal, the concentration and saturation of color varies along the surface, reminding one of a watercolor painting. This adds quite a unique, weathered and earthy character.


The Gap is opening a Colette pop-up shop for one month in NYC, and while this seems very rad, I know it will be not so rad for me because A. things like this in NY means SO CROWDED YOU WANT TO CRY and B. 54th st? That means I have to go on the weekends, meaning even more crazy crowds.

a few awesome things i bought on vacation

So simple it hurts (in a good way). Via Catbird, via I Believe In Advertising.

London based studio Neighbour have teamed up with the photographic skills of Cityshrinker one of the UK’s best loved festivals, The Big Chill.

three books recommended

by the ever lovely francesca of circumlocution, 1. The Ticking, by Renee French
2. Red Colored Elegy, by Seiichi Hayashi 3. Dogs and Water, by Anders Nilsen

Please note: these are in no way in order by awesomeness. It's all just totally random.

tellin time just ot a whole lot cooler

Shark Classic 80's

Blast from the past, bust out your favorite pair of thigh high surf trunks and hit the beach.