Tuesday, April 22, 2014

where is my mind.. on Tiny In Brooklyn

Where is my mind is like a funny question to myself but only I get the joke. Where is my mind is not only an awesome pixie song but a question I ask myself daily as I deal with a two year old. My mind, is well all over the freaking place. I feel like I might have some sort of attention deficit thing happening, but no it's just the normal happenings that come with raising a toddler. At any rate my mind has been working on another blog as of late. I am trying to see my projects to a finish or at least to a nice healthy middle. This other blog just happens to be, you guessed it a freaking parenting blog, called TINY IN BROOKLYN.  Oh No's not another one of those. Just what we all needed right! Sadly yes, or happily YES.   HA HA YES, EXACTLY!  Well I am not going to bore you and say it is better because of whatever ... but I am going to tell you this, it's going to have daily or weekly musings about things like oh my child saying stuff like "I'll fuck you up!" in a pretend email to SANTA.