Thursday, September 18, 2008

When BS develops their designs, they use handcrafted knitting techniques that are always important. Using natural materials like cotton, wool, or rolled edge jersey, Boessert Schorn work with knit parts, ribbons, or strings which are made into creations such as necklaces and scarves, employing elaborate hand stitched patterned needlework for some of the more complex designs. Rough handmade embroidery creates a "patchwork" look and the traditional macrame technique takes on the look of valueable lace. One idea leads to another and their current collection inspires the next.
Although their knitting techniques are central in their work, it plays a secondary role to the Boessert Schorn style of wearable, everyday oversized shirts and sweaters (some unisex) which they wear-test themselves. Muted colors, crumpled materials, nonchalance, and contradiction are what you'll find in any given season.

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