Sunday, May 18, 2008

marcus oakley @ the hanahou gallery

Marcus Oakley produces fun and whimsical illustrations influenced by his 70s childhood. His images contain a childlike wonder, innocence and amusement that can't help to make you smile. Gallery Hanahou here in NYC will open a show of Oakley's work called Pictoral Aural: Visual Interpretations of Music on Thursday May, 22. The show focuses on "Pictoral Aural" reminds us of how music can fuse the senses. It can prompt us to "see" sound; or "hear" color, form and structure in the movement of sound waves through the air - and it can take us out of the present and project us into the past or future.
Hanahou Gallery will be posting details of the show soon (including information on a WORKSHOP he's hosting!!), but in the meantime, please check out an
interview with the artist and some sneak previews of the work that will be on exhibit.

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