Thursday, May 15, 2008

kurt cobain insipred clothing by love brigade

i had too, this is for you mike!

this shirt is the only thing that remotely resembles the artist

now, i don't know about you but i happened to like nirvana a lot. who didn't when you were a you high school kid and he had videos with cheerleaders and hot boys in flannel!! (well my boyfriend was not a huge fan but he was into punk, which apparently doesn't translate well with grunge).
so, love brigade is coming out with a new line of clothing that is inspired by to say the least, on this music genius, as some would call him (mr. horaz). i had to have a look and see what all this would amount to and yes, it is here for you to see. i however did get lost in the translation of the inspiration part.. but perhaps Kurt really loved his trees!

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