Saturday, May 17, 2008

troy lovegates

the key




vernissage show


troy lovegates works on linoleum are awesome and he was recently accepted to wardlow artist residency in Melbourne, Austraila. Not only are these prints completely one of a kind, only excess-able through word-of-mouth and are extremely limited runs of prints. The prints are hand printed with a wooden spoon and most have only from 7 to 14 prints in existence. These prints of course can never be printed again because each level of color must be cut away to create a new layer of in the creation of the print the linoleum that is used is destroyed....
This process is very much like the Ukiyo-e woodblock prints in the Edo period of Japan. However the difference is in numbers. As the Ukiyo-e prints were produced on woodblock they were actually used as mass production for theatre shows like kabuki. ( a little art fart history for you to chew on)

This style of printing has been around for many hundreds of years and every time i see it, it makes me happy. Troy is super talented and often working with different mediums and found objects but always combining them in a beautiful harmony.

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