Sunday, May 11, 2008

tinymeat's vinyl

These little wallets are super sweet with awesome graphics to boot. Tinymeat is a global design house creating ready-made and bespoke accessories constructed of vinyl, art and love. They have a long-standing commitment to grow their brand in an ethical manner by supporting independent artists from around the globe and producing goods in-house right in Portland. Buy their stuff on etsy and see a little bundle of joy every time you get some cash out of your wallet. you've gotta make spending happy some how.

Doodle Wallet No. 1
Zeptonn / Groningen / The Netherlands

"Rainbow Land"
Zeptonn / Groningen / The Netherlands

"you don't say" Ashley G art series

Tiger Onion/ Mopa Artist Series/Brazil

1 comment:

Will_Bryant said...

oh i've been reppin that tiger onion wallet! it's HOT!