Friday, August 8, 2008

get clean and smell pretty

fragrence free
fragrance-free products are especially designed for delicate skin, serving to protect and shield against harm.
liquid soaps: made in a cauldron according to tradition, as does its ancestor, the authentic cube from marseille, these liquid soaps are elaborated with vegetable oils and are naturally glycerined. biodegradable, they are guaranteed free of artificial coloring and free of animal fats.

figue: this fragrance reveals the seductive aroma of the fig of provence, producing a refined and sophisticated scent.

candles: made from pure wax, coprah oil and a pure cotton wick, these candles are scented with subtle elegance and sophistication.


an all-time provincial favorite, verbena. body lotions: moisturizing agents and vegetable oils with softening and nourishing virtues prevent dryness and leave skin smooth.

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