Friday, August 1, 2008

francesca tallone

i've talked about this young lady before in an older post... but she still manages to amaze me with her photos. she is one of the photographers in this coming volume of lines & shapes vol. 3. i love photography that drifts away from the usual portrait or still photography and that pushes the limits of creativity. Francesca Tallone does just that with her art. she loves blurry images, she loves the stuff that we don't always see, and she loves to create moods with her photos. she is one of the fantastic artists featured in the third issue of Lines and Shapes, Gather. her series is so lovely. she has been taking her self portraits using photobooth on her Mac. check out her portfolio and flickr stream and get ready for some inspiration!

here is a cute interview with her from unruly things:
favorite thing to photograph:
Life, in varying degrees and levels of active cooperation

advice you'd give starting or aspiring photographers:
Shoot all the time. Whatever you want to, just do it a lot. Sometimes you're lucky and get amazing pictures right off the bat but sometimes it takes a few dozen to get what you want. Sometimes the best pictures are ones you don't expect.

if you could eat only one thing:

Strawberries I think. Can I have whip cream too with that?

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