Friday, August 8, 2008

some pictures last year of the 77 drums event.. amazing day and crowd

88Boadrum - an unprecedented aural and visual experience, on the same day in New York and Los Angeles. 88BoaDrum is the natural evolution of 77BoaDrum, one of the most talked about and critically celebrated music events of the past years. Supported by Nike Sportswear, 77BoaDrum took place in Brooklyn Bridge Park, where Boredoms and 74 hand-selected drummers from New York’s underground brought life to Boredoms monumental vision through an original 77-minute composition. Boredoms are known as musical pioneers who for over 20 years have continually pushed sonic boundaries and inspired musicians. Their albums and their performances defy categorization, each one a completely unique event. This year it is 88 drums and 88minutes of pure awesomeness... not only is it happening on NYC at 8:08pm, but also along the west cost in LA at 8:08PM est. IF you have not got a ticket sadly you are out of luck suckers and there is no bridge this time to peep the event!

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