Saturday, April 5, 2008


bitches i work for them. Why is it that women (well not all women)
when checking their burberry coat(misspelling was intentional) lined with ridiculous fur, for some reason when departing refuse or simply play stupid like they have no
fucking idea you are supposed to TIP for coat check. When did this little custom start?
I mean that is the point of coat check to a degree, right. Some poor bastard watching your jacket and belongs.IF this wasn't the case then why not keep your ugly ass jackets with you at the table. Normally I am not so frustrated about such a
meaningless topic but for some reason tonight after being stiffed by
countless women and their designer jackets with umbrellas,filled to the top Bloomingdale's bags they want me to hang onto, and then they simply do not tip you. I say i am fed up. The next time i see you about to stiff me i am going to leave you a nice present inside your jacket. What that present will be i have not decided. (or even how i would manage to leave such a present.) Oh don't be fooled by the men either.
They are just as bad. But something about a fellow women stiffing you seems
worse. Maybe i am playing favorites as i am a women and expect them to
sort of understand. Either way it still sucks.

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