Thursday, April 10, 2008

eletric love

I took this sweet photo in 2003. I was living on the lower east side in
the Maserick Project Towers.(yes they were called projects)
The neighborhood was up and coming and all the mom and pop places were closing.
My neighborhood was going from dangerous to safe and i felt less safe.
How ironic. My roommate and I lived on the 18th floor of these massive white towers and had an amazing balcony that over looked the Williamsburg bridge.
I used to fall asleep every night to the cars driving over the bridge into Manhattan.
Sometimes if you let the sound drowned out it almost mimicked rain falling.
At night you could see the river and the Domino Sugar's factory lights.
When i first moved to the city i would look for the Domino sign to know that i was walking the right way home.

This particular night it was raining, and a massive lightening storm was happening all around us. Growing up on the west coast and seeing their thunder and lighten storms where amazing. When i was a kid i used to love to watch them with my dad.

This was the first one i had witnessed living in NYC and it was amazing. I was completely shocked that i actually got the shot. Even know i feel like i can smell the sweet air of that night and here the rain. So beautiful.

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