Sunday, April 6, 2008

the brooklyn flea market

Went to the first day of the new brooklyn flea market. It was a bit small but what can one expect for a borough with little space. I wouldn't call myself a serious flea market shopper but i was a bit disappointed by the LACK of junk that was present..
It was however the first day and vendors are likely to change when the weather gets better. It just seemed like the same old crap you could get on any street on a Sunday in williamsburg or the lower east side. I am not sure what i was hoping for, maybe a section of 80's t-shirts that said "lifes a beach" in neon or jimmy z brand jams. In any case i will have to check it out again when the sun is shining and the wind is not freezing my fingers and toes off.

I did however buy one thing. This pretty little necklace by Erica Weiner.
I have been eyeballing this sucker online for months and since i felt like i
needed to buy something to justify my bike ride in the cold there i got it.

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