Monday, November 8, 2010

this may or may not be an entertaining adventure: ethics in being nice

we fell back on Saturday, so we gained an hour! cool only its weird to someone who used to live in the only state where the dang time never changes, nor do the seasons really, well it goes from hot to not hot. anyways, so we got an hour and managed to wonder into a bar at 12:59 and it was closing. weird right, ya that's what we thought for a Saturday night in Brooklyn, but to legitimize the bartenders story we were the only people there. so to convince her to stay open we pulled the ole roll back hour on her. like "hey you think your closing at 1 AM nope its really 12 AM again", boo yeah.  i think it pissed her off but we had a real deal complaint, to be fair what the fuck bar closes at 12 on a Saturday night. so she gave us rules for drinking cause she didn't want to remain open.
rule 1 don't nurse your beer, fuckers
rule 2 if she decided she didn't like us would throw us out (meanwhile my foot which is size 6 was bigger then this barkeep)
rule 3 she already hated us but gave 15 free songs on the jukebox
we managed to stay for an hour and wouldn't you know at that moment the bar was fucking full.
so barkeep that's smaller than my midget feet your fucking welcome for making you brunch money, since you were such a nasty little bugger to us.

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