Sunday, September 12, 2010

Terry and I hang with the same people

So Friday was fashion's night out everywhere. since i was at last years fashion's night out and had just an ok time while all my other pals were at the Rogan party watching a surf band while getting drunk and just having way to much fun. I was sadly cruising from spot to spot being cold and not having that much fun.
SO, where is this story going.. i made an unconscious note inside my brain that this year i was going to have a F-ing awesome time, so with a slurpie full of rum and headed to Soho for some fun, after the pat fields craziness that was instore (literally in store) my pals and i were walking down the street towards the Chanel party and lo an behold i just happen to bump into Karl Lagerfeld on the street. Karl dear thank you for making my 2nd fashion's night out worth all its while. the rest of the night was free mojoitos and robot dancing with a really cute boy named Jameson.

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