Saturday, September 11, 2010

Sleep - "Dragonaut" Earache Records

i have been so busy this week that i forgot to post some super important posts. Monday night was my first introduction to a sludge metal show that was totally amazing. Sleep played in Fort Greene and you could hear it outside amongest all the lovely brownstones. Inside it was a mix of stinky dudes and chics that could really throw their hairs in a slow headbang. The mixture of metal with images of space, stone henge and other rad images made this to be something that should not have been missed. did i mention it was inside a church! thanks to the zombie kid who scratched the shit out of my friend trying to claw his way to some air, we had more fun then i thought i could with a sea of dudes who's eyes were on stage lapping up as much metal as possible.

pic's from ismental as i was to retarded to bring my own camera.

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