Friday, May 14, 2010

it's friday and i am already hungover

Yes it's all true, i had a great night. Thank you to all my pals that came out to support the new launch of Lovely Corporation's Maderia scarves in pretty purple and awesome turquoise, that are now being sold in Williamsburgs newest totally awesome boutique/bar Kingdom. Thank you Bob Bland (who is the main lady behind this awesome brainchild) for being an awesome help and great supporter.

We had so much fun, maybe i had to much fun, especially after that ridiculous markers mark drink. I bit Anonymous Agent on the cheek to show her how much i loved her, passed out my scarves for my pals (IS MENTAL) to wear and be models with me for the evening and finished the night off with some San Loco (which i would normally regret only it might have saved me a little for today). Again i love you all, thank you and look out for more new exiting things that are happening.

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