Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Weekend in Buffalo

Buffalo where the wings are hot and the nights are long... this was my first taste of upstate on the west side near Canada and all things large and overgrown. Duff's and Ted's are too total favorites thanks to the Meany brother and sister duo that took us there. I also have never been so consumed with homemade waffles and scones so much that they could curb any sweet tooth. Thanks to the dogs for keeping me under control by stealing my whole waffle with whipped cream and all off the dang table!!! The botanical gardens are totally awesome, especially the cactus section and the open fields with large windmills are amazing.
What is summer if you have not swam in a pool so i can dutifully check that off my list of things to do as well as go to a totally douchy after party dancehall with dancers that don't give a shit if the glass breaks on the dance floor. Another fact, listening to comedy during a 10hour car ride stuck in traffic makes for awesome facebook headers like GAY BOOBS!
Thank you Buffalo, I will be back!

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