Thursday, July 23, 2009

get that rats nest off your skull by wesley willis

when you are in the car for 18 hrs you really need something to keep you going. singing 100 bottles a beer on the wall just doesn't cut it but what does make the cut surprisingly is a simple song about mc donalds you totally sing all weekend with your pals.
here are the lyrics so you can bask in the joy that is wesley willis too. THANK YOU IKE!

McDonald's is the place to rock
it is a restaurant where they buy food to eat
it is a good place to listen to the music
people flock here to get down to the rock music

Rock 'n Roll McDonald's (4x)

McDonald's will make you fat
they serve big macs
they serve quarter pounders
they will put pounds on you

Rock 'n Roll McDonald's (4x)

McDonald's hamburgers are the worst
they are worse than Burger King
a big mac has 26 grams of fat
a quarter pounder has 28 grams of fat

Rock 'n Roll McDonald's (4x)

Rock over London, rock on Chicago!
Wheaties, breakfast of champions!

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