Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I Am The Heat

Brooklyn, NY based I Am The Heat will release their 2nd EP, The Future Doesn’t Need Us in July of 2008. I Am The Heat are a post-punk art rock/garage rock band with an explosion of melodies, hooks and danceable bass lines. The Future Doesn’t Need Us mixes funky bass lines, disco drum beats and eclectic guitar work to back the pleasant lead vocals of Jameson Edwards.

There is a bit of a lo-fi quality to The Future Doesn’t Need Us, ala The Figgs’ early work, but as the EP progresses to songs such as Silver Skies and Tonight (I’ll Save You), a little more polish is evident. Dream Machine is ultimate garage sound, and Your Monsters is almost purely danceable power pop. What Would Lou Reed Do is a frenetic exercise in pure post-punk pop and is by far one of my favorites. They defiantly have catchy tunes that keep my feet happy tapping away and they are all so adorably cute to boot aside from their completely amazing covers for both records.

They will also be participating in Make Music New York!

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