Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Flair is a unique American magazine about fashion, design, beauty and entertainment, Flair lived for 12 monthly issues from February 1950 – it wasn’t expected to last even two. Using various paper stocks, special inks and a die-cut cover on each issue, it was innovative, brave and influential. As Time magazine reported, even the preview issue of Flair abounded with other tricks beneath its peak-a-boo cover. Flair was created and edited by Fleur Cowles, the wife of Gardner Cowles, publisher of the popular Look magazine. She spent two years telling her husband about her dream for a monthly magazine; “It’s got to have flair,” she would repeat. Eventually he gave way and published her “fashion, art, literature, travel, decor, theatre and entertainment” magazine. Contributors included Salvador Dalí, Tennessee Williams and Eleanor Roosevelt

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