Sunday, February 27, 2011

Lu Magnus presentation of Six Emerging Designers for NEW FASHION

New Fashion is part of A Call To Arms series, the first series of events inspired by and in the spirit of happenings. A Call To Arms is a collaboration between Lu Magnus and Brooklyn-based Etta Place.

Congrats to gal pal knitwwear designer Jen Schwartz of Afterlife for a kick ass presentation consisting of  bladerunner meets medicine women in awesome knits.  Afterlife killed the show by expanding onto a higher level of Eco Friendly fashion that has yet to be met. Inspiration is everything and i was inspired for sure. Jewelry was supplied by local designer Katie Decker from I Was Made. 
My pictures do not do the Afterlife's knits total justice but they had inspired me to be creative and take some interesting photos of the night. 

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