Thursday, December 16, 2010

goodbye ole friend

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i can't even count the amount of times i've visited this bar when the LES used to be my hood in 2002-2005. i totally cherish my memories of why i came to NYC back then, because it was a truer NYC not some Manhattan underwear stain that slutz cruise the streets in search of their wall street bruisers in mini dresses drinking over priced drinks. (can you tell i am a hater of my neighborhood changing). So i moved to Brooklyn right after a girl got shot in the face for not handing over an expensive bag. so far Brooklyn, you and my beloved grand street have yet to fail me. however, i am terribly sad to know that most of the places that make me identify with this city are now slowing fading into a black light of nonexistence. it's kind of a shame what a wasteland nyc is turning into with is waterfalls of shitfaced dick fucks. goodbye max fish i will miss you and my talks inside you with rebby jo about how shitty our lives were working for the woMAN at CB.

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