Saturday, January 9, 2010

inspiration is inspiring me

these are the images i am looking at to get inspired to dance to heavy metal tonight while i am listening to 60's garage rock by the nuggets. one really has nothing to do with the other. i've been thinking about feathers and little drawings a lot lately and remembering how i was obsessed with bloggin. like all of my projects it slowly went out the window. so, i am trying to be inspired to remember why i started this little ditty in the first place. for my own art work, photos and shit i like in general. there is no rhyme or reason to the way my brain makes sense of these stuff but in this little slice of lovely land it's charming. i also received an awesome new camera for xmas and shit man i need a space to put some of these jems for others to get inspired, talk shit or what have you.
it's getting late and heavy metal is calling me along with a sweet dance party with this awesome agent!


s. said...

Inspiring colletion indeed! Could you tell me where this human mushroom photo is from? its pretty crazy.

Tina Lovely said...

ha i can't really remember where i found it. most likely on flickr or fffound. it is pretty wacky!